Friday, July 3, 2015

N00b Shoulder Holster review

"T-Bolt, how can YOU review a CCW holster? You live in the Gun Crow state of Maryland, and if the local constabulary catches you, they'll lock you up and throw away the key."

How?  About the house, I'm working from home this week.  It's not perfect, but it's sumthin.

I wanted to see how the old style shoulder holster felt for me, doing office type stuff.  Sitting, going to the powder room, making lunch, that sort of thing.

First you do muzzle that off side arm when you draw.  For some reason I thought it would not.  You'd have to contort your "other stronghand" when getting the gun to keep from not pointing the dangerous part at main cables.  I'd rather have a stripe on my ass than a hole in that area.  So, a down side

It's not as easy to draw as hip holster of various flavors.  It's like the holster needs lube.  Or baseball mitt treatment.  Or just lot of holstering-deholstering.   You gotta pull up and out to free it.  When it cooperates it is gentle and easy, but if you rush it, it's gonna jam in there. 

It leans toward the right.  Even with 2 mags to counter balance.  If it was the no mag type of holster? sheesh I'd list to starboard with a 1911.  Some to get used to, or use the tie down on that side

The advantages of this holster:
  • it don't pull pants down
  • convenient spare mag toting
  • easy on and off, if not that stealthy
  • more comfy in a car


Arthur said...

You don't have to muzzle any of your body parts drawing from a shoulder holster.

The weakside arm moves slightly up, the muzzle sweeps down under the arm and up, then as the gun moves to the ready position the weak hand moves to grip the pistol.

Basically try holding your weakside forearm horizonatal and parallel to your chest. Strong hand reaches under weak forearm to grab pistol, leave your weak arm were it is and bring the pistol up to a single handed shooting stance.

Arthur said...

And doing all of that makes even more sense if your weak hand is holding your cover garment out of the way anyway. And the pistol comes up, your weak hand drops the cover garment and moves to grip the pistol.