Friday, July 10, 2015

Range report

I had already put 250 rounds through my smithed-up gun without cleaning and without a hitch.  I wanted to put some more through it before detail stripping and cleaning and inspecting it.

I also wanted to test how it does with 8+1, see if there are any failure with extra in the mags.  And with mostly hollow point ammo.  It's an age old problem.  When you jam a lot of bullets in a magazine, for some reason, the last one fails to feed.  The best answer I hear is "Yeah, that'll happen.  Try never loading more than 7 or 7+1, depending.  Test that out."

I have another goal.  Be more careful with the trigger pull and be consistent.  Don't rush.

So I packed up for the range.


Yup, the last round didn't get under the extractor.  Like the round was stripped off but the base of the case didn't ride up the breech face and get under the hook.  It didn't matter which magazine.  New or old.  Half the time or more it would be a problem with that extra ammo.   In other words, the round was in the chamber but the slide can't go fully into battery because the rim of the case is on the wrong side of the extractor hook.  It stop a sixteenth shy.  I could give the frame a push and get the hook to ride over the rim, but I didn't want to do that.

McCormick mags, I love em, but when you load more than 7 the follower can get squishes and shift forward a bit, changing the angle it is presented during the strip part of the loading process.  Just that last one.  The other rounds ride on other rounds and the wonky angle is less pronounced.  At least that is my theory that is born out by some conversations I've had about it.

So, what is the fix if I REALLY want run 8+1 in my Ultra Custom Expert 1911? (TM.  I am trying names on for size in my very exclusive product line.)  Well, I can adjust extractor tension and test.  That might help.  And it's easy for me to do, now.  And I pretty much know how it should be.  But the back and forth to the range to test will take some time.   Another thing to try is Wilson mags, with their plastic follower.

My accuracy and trigger control?  Meh.  It was sort of an epiphany to get as good as I am.  To go from total rubbish to just plain rubbish.  Maybe I need another epiphany step.


B said...

I don't have that issue with any of my 1911's, but I have heard that if you punch a VERY shallow dimple in the face of the follower to keep it from moving forward it helps.

Also, some folks crease the follower so the round rides better in the center. Just a VERY tiny crease in the top.

Never tried it myself.

I'd look at magazine spring tension first though.

Jerry The Geek said...

replace your recoil spring. It's too light.