Thursday, July 16, 2015

Crime Wave

Crime might be down elsewhere, but someone got stabbed a half mile south of me last week and someone got shot to room temp at the Metro parking lot a mile east of me this week.  Others.  Vehicle burglary is more popular than house burglary, at least.

4th of July a guy a former congressional intern was stabbed a bajillion times for not giving up his phone fast enough.  Then the killer robbed others on the train car, as it was crowded.  That's in the District of the Columbia.  But only 8 stops away from that parking lot at the Glenmont station by me.  All above ground, and in the daylight after lunch.

Crime might be down where YOU are.  And you can probably legally defend yourself with your carry pistol there too.  Not me.


Comrade Misfit said...

Not really. Of all of the "thou shalt not carry here" exceptions in my state, the only one where it is a felony to carry a gun there is on mass transit.

Not schools, libraries, courthouses, cop shops. Only on mass transit. You can probably guess the real rationale behind that.

ASM826 said...

Move. Do not make excuses. You are supporting the very people who oppress you with your taxes. Move. Select the freest State you can find, get a job there, and move.