Saturday, April 15, 2017

Buy A Gun day

Whatja git?

I need more .22 and 9mm HST. 


Sdv1949 said...

My builder is supposed to start on my next custom 1911 this week.

Tam said...


Do McDonald's employees make a big deal about ordering a hamburger on May 28th?

abnormalist said...

ammo, around here, we HAVE our guns 😀

Jonathan H said...

I was going to buy a gun, but the one I wanted, on sale at a great price, I couldn't buy because the computers were down in that store and they aren't allowed to use paper forms - oh, and I live in a state where a background check isn't required is you have a CCW, but that chain doesn't recognize the exemption.
I'll make up for it another time soon.

Mike W. said...

Nuthin' Going to Hawaii in a few months and that's a better use of funds than a gun at the moment.