Thursday, April 13, 2017

Range Day.

I had 15 rounds of 115 grain American Eagle in mag #2.  They weren't locking open the slide on the final round.  And a box of 124 grain American Eagle to test.  115 grain Federal white box and 147 grain American Eagle have given no problems in the past.

I suspect American Eagle has a lighter powder charge compared to Federal, but I have no chrono to test that theory.

Except my Federals are FMJ.  Same company, different practice ammo formulas, I guess.

So let's test...

Nope.  Fails on both.  Only worked to lock back once on 124, right after a re-lube.  Gonna have to test 147 another time.  Maybe a cleaning first...

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Tam said...

Wilson's at 1,700 rounds since last lubing. I'll try some standard pressure 115gr loads in it and see how they run.

FWIW, the Federal AE 115gr I ran in the Canik averaged 1128 fps, and the Federal white box RTP 115gr in the Ruger 9E was 1096 fps. Seems pretty similar.