Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Shoot a little or a lot

Sometimes I am jealous of Tam.

She shot 150 rounds in that typical-for-her session.  And her quality is just fine.  Round 1 or round 150. 

My quality sloughs off after that many. 

When doing the simulator I could pull down 200 trigger pulls or more, but I am not fighting recoil.  Still 200+ trigger pulls in 20 minutes is a lotta finger work and you those finger muscles and forearm muscles notice it.  Often, Sam was trying to get me to muscle fatigue to get me to fall back to fundamentals.  If you are exhausted you have to slowdown and try to do the job with the least effort possible.  And concentrate on that trigger pull.

Sam also wants me to mindful with live fire.  Train often, but don't reinforce bad shooting by staying after you are tired.  Even if it is just a bad day, after 10 rounds that just aren't there...  Better to pack up, come back the next day.

Short round counts on purpose. 

So I am lucky to get 50 rounds a session.  With pain and with that current training philosophy (subject to change). It doesn't cost anything at my main raing.  I can go every day, shoot for 3 hours, pay the same as going once a month for 30 minutes.   It's a yearly membership thingy.  I only pay $1.05 and that is for a target.

And part of my problem is this neck issue.  It's bad recently, but it has been contributing to pain, at some level, for over a year.  Since before 2013 or before probably.

The true worry is, what do I do if I go to a different trainer and go through a 500 round count training evolution?  That would suck.   Training 50 rounds a week might help me compared to the guy that goes to the range 3 times a year

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