Tuesday, April 11, 2017

PT tortures

4PM, on a Tuesday or Thursday in April?

I am at physical torture for my bum neck.

It not all bad.  I live the cervical traction thingy.  It's like this, but electrical instead of pneumatic.  10 minutes of 20 second cycles.  10 seconds pulled, 10 seconds relaxed.  I could nap.  And I feel better after.

It's the exercises that will make it hard to sleep tonight.

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Lantry said...

I have one of those Saunders racks (thanks to an idiot who was more interested in texting than the cars stopped at the red light in front of her). Its the only thing that has helped my neck. I crank it up all the way to 40 on the dial and it pulls my neck into alignment. I suspect you will learn to love it!