Thursday, April 27, 2017

Range 22 APR, training

These were not in-a-hurry double taps:

His shots are the upper and lower left, and upper right.  Mine are the center, and my finals are in the lower right.

10 count, steady pace, no rush.

I did another target, but don't have it, before this with more ten counts.

His two flier low and left?  Prairie doggin'.   Looking at the target not the front sight.  He was shooting a stock Glock...  19? 

While I shoot a string he watches me.  He notices when I screw up but then CORRECT myself, mid string and bring em back toward the center.  So, some progress there.  Shoulder is still fatiguing me even more than I usually tire, but even with that, not too bad.

All of those are at 5 yards with my Ciener .22.  I think it was 5.  Might have been 7.  The other target was at 3.

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