Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Double Tap psychology

It takes a while for people to share this detail about their shooting, but it may very well be universal.

What are people thinking about, when under time pressure, between the first and second shot?  Outwardly, a person may appear calm and professional and their fundamentals and recoil management are sound.  But between the ears other things are happening. 

First it feels like you have less than a tenth of a second.  You prolly have more (in my case, lots more) But it feels like less than a tenth.  But the experience seems to go like, in that fraction of time:


"Whoa nelly, those 9mm rounds sure pack a punch!  Phew!  Ok, ok, ok, you gotta get the next round off before the target carboard turns 90 degrees.  Get about it.  Where is that sight picture?  Aw it is all messed up and my grip shifted a smidge.  C'mon!  Get that sight picture back!  Where is it?  Hell just FIND the front sight!  HURRY!  Where is it?  Where?!  Ok, there it is.  It's sorta in the neighborhood.  I still don't know where the rear sight got to but no time to worry about that now!  Oh, at least you have the trigger prepped.  When did you do that?  Nevermind, no time!  GO!  Now..... presssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss..."


And sometimes you omit the press part.  And there the rear sight was, all along.  And now, the 9mm doesn't pack that much punch.  And your second round hit ok on the target anyway as long as you didn't jerk the gun around on that trigger press.

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