Friday, April 21, 2017

What Caliber for Old Man

Being all stove up on the right side, and memories of Archie as he went for a 78 year old man that might have been able to take me, to somebody that couldn't keep the old folks home nurses from making off with his beer as they could come and go when they pleased and he no longer had any say in how he could conduct his life...

Eventually Ima get old.  I'll probably sell off a bunch of gun while I still have my faculties and a use for money.  But previous generation of T-Bolts tended to last a while.

I know what my first gun was.  I wonder what my last one will be?  Before I give up even that last one and move out of my home and independent living and into a hospice or assisted living facility where someone else has a key to my residence and doesn't permit firearms.  By that point I'd probably be useless defending myself with a firearm.  If I wasn't useless I'd have no call to check into such a facility.

Gone is the Garand.  Gone is the Model 11s.  Gone the .22 squirrel gun of my great great grandmother.  Just one left.

There will be the last gun I ever own.  Some day.  What will that gun be?  Probably a 1911 pistol of some description.  If my hands go pulling a revolver trigger will be harder than the hard part of a 1911.  Racking the slide.  I hope it is S/N TBOLT001.  Maybe 002 or 003.  003 will probably be a single stack 9mm.  001 and 002 are .45 frames.  .22TCM is another thought for it's light recoil but hot round.  Hope it won't come to that, needing lighter recoil, but, at least the option is there.

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Bob said...

I think if I were to have an "old man gun" I'd want a double-action revolver with a 4" or 6" barrel in stainless steel, chambered for .38 Special. Get one that's thoroughly broken in so that the trigger pull is smooth, maybe change out a spring if the double-action trigger pull is too heavy. A Smith & Wesson Model 64 would be a good choice, or a Ruger Service-Six - - something with fixed sights so that a clumsy old man can't break adjustable sights off. I'd probably load it with 148-grain wadcutters to minimize recoil.