Thursday, April 6, 2017

Range 5 APR 17

Not too shabby.

First, some mechanicals with the 9mm.  The slide didn't lock back with one round still in there, waiting to go into battery.  5-6 times, no issue with mag #1.

When using 115 grain Federal 9mm, the slide doesn't lockback on empty, tho.  147 grain it locks back as it should.  So, strong spring, wrist too limp, or just not enough oomph in the momentum with a light pill.  Interesting.  I purposely bought multiple weights of projectile from the same ammo maker to test what this gun 'likes.'  No malfunctions beyond that lockback not happening.

Mag #2 has 15 rounds of 115 loaded for next time.  Remember that, T-Bolt.

Now the target.

First the .22 to the face.  That 'flyer' at 10 o'clock?  Called that one.  2 and 5 o'clock I don't remember those.  I was just impressed I noticed the one.   Also, not favoring the right side of the centerline as much as usual  Good.

I am favoring the right side with the 9mm.  As I get tired I go further and further high and right.  And with my neck issue I get tired sooner.  This issue has probably impacted my stamina negatively for over a year, but worse now.  The gun shoots higher than my point of aim, which is fine. 

Coincidentally, everyone there had chosen this exact same yellow silhouette target to shoot at.  Four of them side by side at 25 feet.  And I felt really good about my skills in comparison.  I was definitely 99th percentile in that little room. 

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Mike V. said...

My Sig P226 won't lock back with Winchester White Box. Pistols can be funny that way.