Friday, April 14, 2017

Survival Hooey

I like this.  Clear logical eyes on something most all of us that might read this blog like to 'what if' in their heads about.

The common narrative of preppers.  We are heading to disaster.  If it's just on Great Depression worth, ok, we can weather that.  But what if it is Great Depression x5?  The dollar goes to zero overnight. There is a week til the grocery stores are empty, and the gas stations run out.   Then, the hungry boil out of the cities.  So you better be in Idaho.

That's how it is supposed to go.  Like night follows day.

But what if it doesn't go that way?  Is it really likely to go that way?  Well probably not.  Arguably it goes in the opposite direction.

What gets people out of cities?   In modern times.  This isn't France 1940.  Think Damascus, Sarajevo, Mosul, and Beirut.  Multi faction war lord style civil war in the bad ones, over years and years.  Some people fleeing, but not like a devouring horde of locusts.  Lots of people hunkering down.

What if the Rule of Law collapses?  That article covers that.  Nature abhors a vacuum, and so does power and power brings its own order. 

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