Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Still got nuthin

Remember that Ike pic was a boon.  Or you would have gotten yesterday's the day before.

More PT.  Wow, that nerve pinch make that arm weak, for no reason at all.  But they put me through my paces with rubber band and more stretches and what not.  I might try the range on Wednesday.

But what to bring?  The 9mm.  It's new, and recoil is ostensibly lighter.  Plus I want to have fun with it.  It's been out of my hands more than it's been in.

"Ft Hood shooter threatens to go on hunger strike because the civilized world hates Sharia."  Good.  Hurry up and stop eating.

"Susan Rice illegally used the IC to spy on Trump and Trump's team for political purpose."  Kinda figured it was something like that.  Is Sulu going to apologize to Rep. Nunes now?  Robert Redford is right, this is just like Watergate.

"USA Today endorses Gorsuch for SCOTUS"  I guess Schumer was wrong and Gorsuch is actually mainstream.

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