Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Buddies at work that got their ARs way back during the 2013 rush? (Or was it the 2009 rush?)

They are getting itchy now.  Unsatisfied.  "It rattles.  Do I just get a new lower?  Is my lower all worn out?"  They've had less than 200 rounds through it.

They want something better.  Less bare bones.  "Hey what would it take to put a silencer on it?"

Looking to trade up. "I can't see though the scope unless my head is in just the right position."


I say:

  • You don't need a new lower, probably.  Wait, is it polymer?  Meh, Just go with it.
  • There are gun shows in Virginia that will sell you uppers.
  • Get a Magpul catalog and buy everything in it.  Magazines in Virginia
  • Upgrade the optics to some that actually costs more than a C-Note

That's the standard advice you see, right?  Meh, won't cause any harm.  Prolly.  Find a place to shoot what you got already a bit more just to see.  If it's reliable, maybe leave it.  If you wanna do something different well, that can be done.

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