Tuesday, May 9, 2017

High Screwel

Hey, remember the other day when I told you about Albert Einstein High School nearby?

Somebody stole an AR from a cop car, stole a car, then drove it to his high school.  Car/Gun Thief was arrested.

Well, my County released him.  Because ICE wants to deport him.  The dude is a bad dude.  Not just a choir boy that made a big mistake.

Hey, if I was going to the range, but stopped at the local school and a cop noticed my range bag in the car as I conducted normal business in the school office...  Would I ever see the sun for at least 5 years?  Of course not.  Because I am a normal legal gun owner.  Not an illegal alien grand theft suspect with multiple other arrests.

Luckily, ICE swooped in before Montgomery County could hail a cab for him.  Now he is in that jail that that guy escaped from and was hiding in the woods for 6 days.  Different Country, tho

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