Sunday, May 28, 2017

I know the historic reasoning behind it

That New York likes excessively high trigger pull weights on pistols for 'safety'.

Gear solution instead of a training solution.

First to solve a cop problem, and now to solve a free-people problem.

My quizzical nature wonder why it doesn't spread outside of New York.  Goodness knows, folks have tried.  Lemon squeezers are 130 years old.

I guess it's like it's hard to find Scrapple! served much beyond Pennsylvania or Maryland.  Or those crazy pork tenderloin sammiches too far from Indy.  Just a regional, quirk I guess.

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Joseph Mcdermott said...

Well, I learned something today. My dad was from pennsyvania and my mom from Mississippi (they met in England but that's another story) my mom cooked a corn meal dish with pork sausage in it. Was formed into a loaf, sliced and fried in butter. I assumed it was a southern dish. Mom called it mush but dad called it scrapple.