Sunday, May 21, 2017

Range Report 16 May 2017

The last two training sessions.  When I shot well I looked at the front sight, relaxed, and did a good trigger pull.   Glock or 1911.  When I didn't shoot well it was because I dropped one of those things and replaced it with something else.  Prairie dogging, looking over the front sight to the holes in the target.  Tensing up, hunching my shoulders, or getting stiff from fatigue and pain.  And anticipation of recoil or rushing the squeeze to send it sooner.

So, range day.  Those three things.  Concentrate on your breathing when you load your mags.  Deep breaths.  Bound to help you relax.

Ok, this isn't bad.  Do it again.

Bah.  Slipping. Got a flier there.

BAH!  You are RUSHING it dummy.  You lost the vibe.  Just pack it up and go home.  Don't REINFORCE your awful failure!  STUPID!  STUPID!  Just put all this crap away.

No, wait.  Get 10 more rounds. Take a break.  Deep breaths.  Slow down.  Once more  Sight, relax, trigger.

Ok, NOW you can go home.  This range is as hot as bawlz.

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