Thursday, May 18, 2017


The NRA is in denial about slowing gun sales!  From the HuffPost.

Oh noes!

But wait...  the NRA isn't a trade organization.  The ebb and flow of gun sales isn't their baliwick.  They're raisin de ick tree isn't seller support.  It's customer support. 

Sure gun makers and sellers are tickled with gun customers are happy or in an buying mood, but they the purveyors are just along for the ride, Bubbha. 

The lion's share of money the NRA gets is from individuals paying membership dues.  SO it's not a wonder the NRA is most concerned about that group.

And besides, the slump might not even be as bad as you gun banners hope it is.  We could use a gun glut for a little while.  


Timmeehh said...

Did you mean "ray saw debt rah"?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Hell, I didn't know that is how you spells it! Mucho Dinero, pour pa pour.

rick said...

His blather about FBI checks vs. NICS checks totally confused me. What was he trying to assert?