Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Traitor Manning

He-she is thinking of moving back to Maryland.  To be near family.  Gonna stay in the military, instead of getting a dishonorable discharge.  Great.  Tricare and PX privileges.  Instead of a firing squad.

But now I might run into the crep weasel at the local Harris Tweeter.   Game Stop.  Cheesecak Factory.  Farmer's Market.  Squeezing the potato bread, testing for freshness.

I'll tell you if I see him.


azmountaintroll said...

No member of my family is currently a member of the US military, and I've actively discouraged a number from joining. There is no longer honor to be had in the service of the United States.

harp1034 said...

Do you know what "it" looks like?