Wednesday, May 31, 2017

E v. W

A tale of two coasts over a long weekend.

Out west some badguys chose an off duty out of uniform Border Patrol officer to try to try to rob.  Poor victim selection, that.  They didn't expect a guy out of uniform to be armed.

The next day, east coast, local to me, Bawlmer.  Plain clothes ATF agents were doing... ATF stuff, when the same sorta thing happened to them.

They weren't wearing uniforms so that means they don't have guns, take their phones and wallets.

Gee, I wish more people not wearing cop clothes could turn the tables on bad guys in Maryland and California.  But regular people are just little people and not afforded such defend-yourself privileges.  You know, if regular people were sometime armed the word would get out to maybe be a crook some other way, and fewer bad guys would end up sticking up fewer folks.  Concentrate on the drug dealing, instead.

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Shaking my head said...

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said three ATF special agents were in a pickup truck conducting an undercover operation when they were suddenly approached by men in an armed robbery attempt.

The agents fired at the suspects, hitting one of them. That suspect was apprehended and taken to a hospital, and a Dirty Harry gun was recovered, Davis said.

I wasn't aware that there was a classification of "Dirty Harry Gun" but then I'm just a stupid civilian.