Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What's the AAR

After Action Report of the NRAAM?

From what I gathered, casually paying attention, Springfield released a DAO gun that no one likes, and they also screwed over the gun owners in their own state.  Or something.  Bad month for Genseo.

Tom Selleck won the most votes.  Gunnery Sergeant Hartman came in third.

Trump reaffirmed he appreciates us and wants to do more for us.  Besides talk, he has had a few actions in our favor.  Replace Gisnberg with a Thomas clone and Kennedy with a Thomas clone and I'd be ecstatic.

We're all supposed to buy insurance from NRA now.

What else?


Tam said...

"Springfield released a DAO gun that no one likes"

Springfield released a DA/SA gun that people who haven't fired it...or in some cases haven't even touched it...are vying to show how cool and jaded they are by not liking it.

Also, TTAG reported something about Springfield but apparently TTAG is all cool and trustworthy now.

I hate the internet ten times as much as I did this time last week. What a pack of howling retards.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

So I'm just sposed to hate Kimber now?

Wish they sold a program to these games.