Saturday, May 13, 2017

Child abuse

Ugh, brainwashed little wee bairn.  Who is sure he ain't brainwashed by his parents.  Well, maybe not his parents.... Ok, it's just his dad.  Gross.

Hope you are among the elite after the revolution.  The ones that aren't put up against the wall.  You'll need to be to eat as much as you are accustomed.

Speaking of washing...

Good luck washing the blood off your hands, Lil Che.  Be sure to tell the illegal immigrants what Che said:  "Mexicans are a rabble of illiterate Indians."  But that's not a Che shirt he is wearing at least.  It's Puma. Running dog capitalist lackeys, they.

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ASM826 said...

Well, let's put the little man to work. I need stuff and he's got to provide it.