Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Range 24 May

Been a LOOOOONG time since I practiced with .45.

It was a good short session.  Not that I shot great.  I didn't.  But I shot some good, and some bad, and knew when and how I was doing both, and correcting more often than not.

I only shot 3 mags.  Baby steps.

Before the first shot I thought "I bet I do ok with number 1 and flinch on number 2," and that is what I did.  It took the rest of the magazine to settle down again, and shifted to the other side.

Two more mags, Second mag lower right.  Third mag is the left side.

When the shot are decent that is am T-bolt "Make Trigger Go Good" and those are in the paint or better.  When I slip too far right I am in "Make Trigger Go NOW" mode which hurries the squeeze and produces unsatisfactory results.  And one more plain old jerk to keep my head from getting too big.  I hope I have some warm up shots when a bad guy home invader busts in to hurt me and take my stuff.

But like I mentioned, I knew what was good and what was bad and why before I even looked at where the hole was.  And for the bad I knew what to do to fix it before I even looked.  For me, that awareness is huge. 

As you can see even the good one favor the right side.  And that's with me trying to draw the trigger in a way to pull it more left.  Watch, I'll improve even more and start land rounds in a group that can be covered with a half dollar and they will still be slightly right. 

But hey, since I went on the training vision quest I've been using mainly three 1911 styles on my live fire days.  A Springfield from the factory trigger with a Ceiner .22 conversion kit.  A 9mm double stack with a sweet trigger done by Sam, and my rebuilt Springfield .45 with a trigger done by me with heavy supervision by Sam.  All are different, with the .22 least satisfactory, yet still usable for what it is.  Different triggers but same shooter.  Same flaws.

I am pondering my next training step.  It will have to be someone as patient as Sam.  But different.  I want to learning new different tiny little details and improvements.



Will said...

I'm not sure if this was mentioned before by anyone. Is it possible your offset hits are due to master eye shift? Had a friend who had that problem. Sometimes the hits would be grouped to the side like yours. Turned out that he was switching eyes. Not consistently. The only fix that worked for him was to close one eye, so there would be no question as to proper alignment.
I suspect that your attempt to focus on the details might temporarily lock or shift your eyes, but you can't maintain this condition.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'll check that Will.