Tuesday, March 2, 2021


 I'd been reading up on the Waco Siege of the Branch Davidians because the ATF was being all mournful of the 4 agents that dies there.  Not so much for the 80 some 'civilians' that died there (2 dozen children) because the ATF wanted to make a flashy arrest for the cameras and elevate their exposure.

Oh, their exposure got elevated alright.

The thing that got the ATF sniffing around is the cult (a bit sketchy as a cult, yes, but the ATF doesn't arrest people for being in a fringe Christian group...) were firearms enthusiasts.  They made some folding money with an FFL selling stuff at gun shows.  Being very meticulous to properly fill out the ATF forms.  The ATF found it sketchy that they got shipped firearms accessories.  Citing a time when they got 60 AR magazines at one time.


I bet more than one reader of this tiny blog has considered owning up to sixty magazines for personal use.  

For that all this people had to die.

President Clinton:  "Why can't you just wait them out?"

Janet Reno: "Well, the FBI shooter team is getting tired."

President Clinton: "..."

Janet Reno:  "Plus reports children are getting molested, like all them Satanic daycare centers across the country!"

President Clinton:  "Whatever... Look, do what you want, but if this goes pear shaped that is on you."

And it went pear shaped.

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McChuck said...

All their agents were shot by other agents. I remember them shooting each other, as they attempted to breach through the upper story windows on opposite sides of the same room. The flash bang they threw inside sounded like a gunshot, and they commenced to blindly firing through the windows and walls on both sides.