Saturday, February 5, 2011

Money Money Money

On of my commenters in the previous post brings up a good point.

You hear the anti-civil-rights protesters expound out of their propaganda organs that the NRA is opposed to a 30 round magazine ban because they are in the thrall of the Magazine Industrial Cartels or whatnot.  Big-Mag economic interests force the NRA's marching orders to keep lucrative magazine sales up, and Big-Mag has the pull of an Exxon or a 1960s GM.

But magazines cost about the same if they hold 30 rounds or 10.  So if you want to shoot 30 rounds you'd have to buy 2 more magazines...

You'd THINK in this case that Big-Mag robber barons would be all for making all magazine 3 rounds or so.  The volume sales would be tremendous for the bottom line and shareholder equity!

But it's not like that, is it?  The magazine makers aren't the NRA's bread and butter.  Nor are the gun makers, or after market gunsmith parts makers, or what have you.  Yes the NRA is well supported financially by its membership.  People like me, not so much industry.  But the big reason the NRA is so powerful is because it, and by extension its members, are right.

So what if they were exclusively funded by the industry, leaving them open for class-warfare critiques by socialists?  It wouldn't make striving for the civil rights of Americans any less right.  Class-warfare is a red herring, in more than once sense of the word RED.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

And speaking of 'Red,' I hope Netflix sends that Bruce Willis movie to me soon.

Clint1911 said...

Clint Smith on where the money is in the gun industry.
Magazines are Accessories

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You miss the point Cliff. There isn't enough money in all of the firearm related merchant's coffers to account for the political pull groups like the NRA have in the halls of Congress. That comes from the energy, votes, and, yes, money of the firearms owners, users, and enthusiasts.