Monday, February 7, 2011

Slim Grips

So I got me new Slim Grips for VZ Grips.  I went with basic black and the smoothest grips they offer.  

I was worried they’d be TOO smooth, and be kinda of slippy.  That seems to be an unfounded worry.

So with new slim grips you need special slim bushings.  I’d never changes those out before, but it was easy as pie.  They are just screws.

So new grips, new slim bushing, new slim screws and black loctite and…. Wait a second!  The trigger pull seems to have gone from 2.5 to 6 pounds!  Ok, ok, think on this.  Ask gunblogger conspiracy… They recommend swapping back to the old grips and see if something is riding on the trigger linkage.  I am hesitant to do this, but, I don’t see any other way.

Well when I take off the right grip I find the trigger squeeze is back to normal.  A HA!  The grip was keeping the thumb safety up just a hair.  This was what was making the trigger pull seem very heavy.  The safety was riding the sear or whatnot.  Bad bad.  But an easy fix if you happen to own a belt sander and light touch.  And I do.  I took a hair off the top edge of the grip and then re-attached it.  The trigger pull is golden.  I think I’ll try contacting the manufacturer with this information.  It doesn’t reflect poorly on them or their specs for the ambi slim grip for a Colt Commander, certainly, as it is a simple correction for the user, but they might want to know about it anyway.  I won’t hesitate to buy more grips from them, my ownself.

Ain’t it attractive?


It felt slimmer than the XD by a hair before, maybe.  It is slimmer than an XD definitely now.  We shall see how it shoots.  No better I’ll wager.  The accuracy problems are in the wetware, not the hardware.  These are good grips but they’re not magic.


George in AZ said...

Looks Good! Glad you were able to make the correction.

Jay G said...


I had an analogous problem with the walnut grips I had on my Gold Cup.

Put them on, took pictures of the gun, it looked great, then kinda forgot about it until I took her to the range again.

Only it wasn't the trigger pull, it was the slide release - the new grips impinged ever so slightly on the slide release, so that when the last round was expended, the slide closed rather than staying open like it should.

Quick few passes with some super fine sandpaper and she was running smooth.

Glad your fix was equally easy!

The grips look very nice, BTW. Might have to look into some for my 1991A1 Compact...

Old NFO said...

Purty! :-) Now comes the important part- The range report!

Tam said...

Do factory Colts still use those godawful Mueschke ambis? (The right side retained by the sear pin instead of by a tab under the grip panel as in the usual Swenson type...)

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

There is a little half circle cutout under the right side grip panel that a tab from the thumb safety hides underneath of, Tam.

Tam said...

That's a Swenson pattern.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

To my knowledge, I've never encountered a Mueschke