Thursday, February 17, 2011

Series 80 disassemble

My Colt Commander is a Series 80.  This is my first of such a model so the firing pin block is a new thing to me. 

Now I don't need to do this now, but I will someday.  Someday I will want to remove the pin and extractor for cleaning in there.  So I wanted to explore what I'll have to do differently with that little spring loaded button added. 

For the older style, you depress the exposed button of the firing pin and slide off the little plate dealy (firing pin stop, apparently).  Wear eye protection.  The pin JUMPS out of there.  And the extractor just slides right out.

Ok, the difference with the series 80 plunger, is that you must engage the button of the plunger before trying to push in the firing pin in to the remove the firing pin stop.  Then, going by that link:

"Cover the Firing Pin opening with your thumb, and press the Firing Pin Lock Plunger again, to release the Firing Pin. This action will allow the Firing Pin to move back against the pressure of the Firing Pin Spring. Remove the Firing Pin together with its Spring. Pushing the Firing Pin Lock Plunger inwards, pull the extractor slightly backwards. You must pull it enough, so that the Firing Pin Lock Plunger can be freely removed from the bottom of the slide. "

Easy enough.  Apparently, the Plunger is keyed a bit to the extractor.  Good.  It sounds like the series 80 system is well thought out to maybe keep things from sproinging all over the place. 

Seems almost intuitive, and not nearly as hard as I thought. 

One day I'll be brave enough to take one of these down so that the disconnector and sear are in one hand and the frame is in another.  Of course, to be fully successful, I have to get them back IN the frame properly, too.


Anonymous said...

I thought you could change the firing pin behind your back, with no tools, no additional disassembly, after being beaten for an hour?

Has to be true. I saw it in the movies.


George in AZ said...

Some years ago, I owned a LW Officer's Model, Series 80. A friend 'modified' it to remove the Series 80 nonsense, and make the trigger more Series 70-ish. His mod worked. I took the gun into my smithy to have night sights installed, which he did. BUT, he said he couldn't release it back to me without reinstalling the Series 80 goop, for safety reasons!

Boat Guy said...

Reason enough (as if t'were necessary) to NOT play Series 80 - EVER.

Arthur said...

When I do something that requires manipulation several small parts and springs at once, I put the whole mess inside a big ziplock bag.

Unless you're really unlucky and the springs shoot out of the bag opening past your wrists it can prevent an hour of parts hunting.

If you ever try removing the mag catch from your Sig you should definitely try the bag deal. The small plunger that locks the catch into the frame can go supersonic when it flies out.

Anonymous said...

It is NOT in the taking apart that is so difficult. For me it was in the putting it back together again. With a former range gun, I ended up shooting it with the plunger removed until a more dexterous friend took pity on me.