Friday, February 18, 2011

Speed Strips fail?

Well, of course they do.  I just hadn't thought of that and what I should do when it does.

Bianchi makes speed strips.  A company called Tuff does, too, and here they are in action:

I have only tried the Bianchi, and they hold the rounds pretty firmly, so I couldn't imagine they would come loose from the strip in my pocket.  It just never occurred to me.  But I should test that.  Nothing wrong with carrying bullets and no gun in your pocket in Maryland, so guess what I will try?  Yes I will go CCA.  Conceal Carry Ammo.  See if wear and tear in the pocket all day doesn't jar a round loose.

Also, the thing is made of rubber.  EVENTUALLY that rubber will crack and I'll need to replace the strip.  But testing that?  That'll just have to pan out on its own over time, and I'll keep replacements available.


Sport Pilot said...

As a career LEO who started out with an issued S&W K frame, later transitioned to and through a series of different pistol’s I find your current post somewhat of a “Yeah and?” read. I am absolutely certain that you are dead serious and are attempting to convey useful information. Yet the idea of what was such common knowledge to us revolver shooters such a short time ago being something “new” to day causes me to shrug my shoulders and sigh. FWIW speed loaders will equally fail in the most unfortunate way as well. This leads to the adage of knowing your weapon and equipment inside and out as well as being well versed in malfunction drills. Thanks for a good post.

Bubblehead Les. said...

What's Old is New again, I guess. Mas Ayoob was writing about using 5 rounds in Bianchi Speed Strips 20 years ago. He recommended just doing 5, even if you carried a 6 holer because the Speed Strip was easier to grasp during a reload. They also hide better in Summer Months than Speed Loaders. That's what I did when I used to carry my old Colt Snubbie. Sure beats the old ammo wallet and loading one at a time. I am glad someone else is making them, though. Maybe the price for $.20 of rubber and packaging will be more realistic.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Common knowledge to seasoned revolver shooters, yes. But this blog is about one n00bie as he fumbles his way through the gun culture, and the unique problems and learning processes of said n00bie.

It's not even some need for attention. It's more of a record and learning process. My class notes, as it were. I'd be doing this is no one read. If people read and some people get some value out of this, GREAT. Good on them.

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you T-Bolt.

Lessons learned. Marking the land mines. Knowing when that spring will fly with a sproing.

I appreciate the diary of it all.

Crucis said...

I can not understand what makes speed strips desirable. I carry a wheelgun every day. I have a speed loader in my pocket as a reload if needed. I can empty and reload my snubbie in less than 5 seconds. I've timed myself and I'm slow.

Do speed loaders break? Yes. Do speed strips break? Yes.

When you need to reload, time is of the essence. A friend of mine has a small race once at the range. We each had 5-shot snubbies. We fired 5 rounds on count and after the 5th shot, reloaded as fast as we could. I had a speed loader, he had a speed strip.

I reloaded and fired 3 rounds before he was even able to close his loaded cylinder.

Makes a difference.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Not arguing with what you're doing, Brother T-Bolt. Just find it worrisome that the Noobs aren't being taught the Tricks of the Trade, and I'm glad you're picking up the slack. You would think that Institutional Memory would be extremely prevalent among the Gunnie Community, and such Knowledge would be much more widely disseminated. Actually, I find it a little scary that the new shooters are asking ME for help and Knowledge when they see me at my home Range. I never asked to become the "Wise Old Fart", you know? Really Weird to have that happen to you. I'm with Tam. I'm just a Student of the Gun, and I'm still learning. But keep up the good work, and I'll see you in Pittsburgh.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I prefer a speed strip when pocket carrying, Crucis. Lest bulky. That's the only reason. I'd rather USE a speed-loader, personally, they're just less practical in my pants pocket..