Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hey, thanks everyone.  For some reason my average traffic is up well above 300 visits a day recently.  Part of it is a couple of links from big bloggers getting me introduced to a wider audience, and part of it is me not posting in Morse Engima code.


Borepatch said...

And you're the go-to guy for Zombie defense tips!

But your enigma stuff made even my head hurt ...

Ian Argent said...

By posting

Rotor Pos: 314
No plug
Rotor Type: 341

it immediately gave away that it was Enigma. After that I just had to find a program to translate the morse to alphabet, and then an enigma simulator.

If he really wanted to be cryptic, he could have morsed the rotor pos and type in cleartext; or used the same encoding scheme for that the Krauts used.

(I have spent a couple of afternoons reading about the Boffins of Bletchley Park, I will admit)