Thursday, February 24, 2011

National Review

Another mention of gun laws on National Review. Kudos to columnists Derb and VerBruggen

At this rate I'll have to stop calling them Metrocons.  They are rarely ignoring the issue, their standard Modus Operandi these days.  And it exposes a known problem with the otherwise politically attractive-yo-conservatives NJ Guv...  Christie remains an Metrocon.  A bit more rhetorical support he didn't intend to act on wasn't even in the offing. If President, I fear he'd go wobbly if a pro-rights bill landed on his desk to sign.

Golly, there are precious few libertarian-conservatives in the campaign pipeline that are acceptable to me. Palin is about it, right now, but only if she can devastate her formidable negatives that make her unelectable to people that aren't me.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Mitch Daniels fell off my personal list this week. Despite glimmer of brilliance he appeared to turn into a wet noodle.

I know Frank James has specific problems with Mitch, but those issue he cited weren't important to me. But now, with this poor showing on the public sector union thing...

Ian Argent said...

There is no way on the green hills of earth that Christie is running in 2012. And, right now, he's busy grinding down the bastions of Democratic Machine power in NJ - I'm surprised he had enough political capital to spare to say that.