Thursday, February 24, 2011

Speaking Of

Speaking of thumbs-forward grip.

Something I've noticed about my own grip...

Now I'm a slow head.  I can learn a thing but it takes a while to stick.  For a while when I use a thumbs forward every shot would disrupt the grip and I'd have to resent.  That support hand thumb would fall out of position with the recoil and I'd have to refind the position.  I don't have to do it anymore.  Now the thumb is right where it was before the shot.  I consider this a good thing.  And about time.

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Anonymous said...

On Top Shot this week the novice, golf instructor guy, won the challenge. The instructor was telling him to use the thumbs-forward grip and called his grip, "old school, Barney Miller, tea cup grip".

Golf instructor guy wasn't going to change his method at the 11th hour. It worked out, beating a military pro.