Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thin Gruel

My queued up blog post ideas are thin on the ground...

I had some good fodder when I woke up but I didn’t jot down notes.  Now those thoughts have evaporated like spilt beer on an DC street in August. 

When I intend to go to the range I have decisions to make.  I have to decide what gun or guns to bring, and how to improve my woefully inadequate shooting skills.

Obviously, selecting a likely CCW gun is high on the priority list.  Not that I can do much CCW here.  If I carried every day the carry piece would and should get 75% of the target time, at least.  But no, I can mix up the selection in Maryland.

Right now the favorite is the new Colt Commander, natch.

Ok.   Now the more important bit.  How do I improve my shooting.  Well the big obvious thing is working on the surprise break trigger pull.  Which is surprisingly hard to do.  I think this next time I will also try to shift my trigger finger placement so the face of the trigger is closer to the tip.  It’s an SA gun, I want to get SA performance, and you don’t need much finger to work it.  And since I pull it low and right, maybe my supporting Right Hand will be placed so as to push a bit up and left.  Maybe I can counteract the flaw that way.  I think this means of correction is a shot in the dark, so to speak, but it doesn’t hurt to try the theory out.


George in AZ said...

Try and center the pad above the first joint square on the trigger face. It sounds as if your fingers are long enough (or trigger short enough) for you to do this. Follow up with lots of dry practice while the sites are aligned. Just a suggestion.

Boat Guy said...

Exactly. The trigger face should be in the middle of the first pad. Remember to keep the finger in contact with the trigger WHILE allowing the trigger to reset, this will avoid a tendency to "slap" the trigger.