Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Small Gunblog Meet.

One of the good things about meeting up with other shooters is the opportunity to try different guns.

And it was no different this time.

Attendees included OldNFO, Newbius, MBtGE, his Boy, and Bus Error caught up with is after the shooting for lunch and NRA Museum walkthrough.

The interesting guns I liked playing with mostly came from OldNFO.  He has some eclectic bang sticks.  A tiny 'red dot' style optic on his FN 45 Tactical was interesting.  Such a cute little sight.  Put that dot on a paster (for me at least) and you are guaranteed to get a hole pretty close to that paster.  Which is superb for me.  He had a heavy slide Tim(Jim?) Clark 1911 that was a bit jammy.  It's a match gun, with the extra heavy slide, and he was shooting 180 grain .45s through it.  I blame that for the stove pipes.  It's grip is as textured as a coarse carpenter rasp.  Boy howdy I'd hate to run 500 rounds through that gun.  He had a Colt Python with hands down the BEST DAO trigger I've ever had the pleasure to shoot.  I didn't know a trigger could be that pleasant. The creme de la creme was a Cylinder and Slide Officer sized 1911 that I SO wanted to steal.  Oh my what a nice 1911.  I even shot it well. 

Newbius had an XD, and a S&W 1917.  Those are the revolvers that take .45 ACP in moon clips.

MBtGE had his suppressed Ruger MkIII that I love to play with whenever available.  And he was testing aftermarket magazines in his Filipino Officer sized 1911.  Not a jam this time, where he'd have expected at least one.

Most of my personal shooting was through my new Commander, but the Sig229 and Gov't 1911 came along for some exercise.  No failures, and marginally better marksmanship.  And because I was in Virginia I could use my snubbie, pulling it from the pocket holster and getting my practice in, then putting it back in the pocket.  That sounds ordinary, but that's a huge novelty for us living in Maryland.  One day...


Andy said...

TBolt, good to meet you. We should do that again. I promise to get to the range an hour early to wait outside in the cold so we don't have to wait inside in the warmth for an hour. :)

I believe it is Jim Clark of Clark Custom Guns out of Louisiana. The Clark family has a history in custom firearms and winning competitions. I think Jim's daughter is married to Jerry Miculek.

Old NFO said...

Andy is correct, that gun was built by Jim Clark, Sr. in 1976 and Kay is married to Jerry. And yes, we did have fun! You shot well once I was standing behind you...LOL As we discussed, it's all about getting trigger time!

JB Miller said...

So when are we going again.