Thursday, January 21, 2010

.22 Funsies

I'm kinda excited about the new purchase.

Well I am excited about any new toy, but this one is different. And I think I am waiting in pleasant anticipation BECAUSE it is a .22.

Sure a new 1911 is fun. It is a serious gun. It can have a VERY serious purpose, related to combat and defense. A bolt action .30-06 the same. But a .22? It's for inexpensive practice and target competition and plinking. It's just very fun. There is some serious purpose to it, but the balance leans toward fun. You can have fun with the bigger brothers, yes, but for sheer volume and quantity of fun, nothing beats ALL you get out of shooting dollar with a .22.

"Hey, let's head out with our guns and have some fun with them this afternoon! When the light dims we'll go out to dinner and have some beers." Sounds fun, doesn't it, fellow gunnies? But what is the first gun you think of to have casual shooting fun? I bet most of us at least include a .22 in that circumstance if not use a .22 exclusively.

You know, even non gunnies or anti-gun types, at least SOME of them, would recognize a big honking expensive .22 revolver as something people have fun with, for the most part, vis something people intend to do evil with. You could buy a couple Glocks for what you'd pay for a S&W 617.

And if I were rich, and cost considerations for ammo were of no consequence for me, I'd STILL lean toward .22 for smiley times. I wonder why that is?

HOPEFULLY pick it up tomorrow.


Crucis said...

I have two .22lr rifles. A Ruger 77-22 that I use for Rimfire Benchmark shooting and Marlin M39 lever action. The Marlin is a fun rifle to shoot. I bought if off a guy carrying it around a rural gun show some years ago. The best gun purchase I've ever made.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I've never heard a bad thing about a 39. I have heard a lot of "boy, that's a fun gun!!!" wrt

Anonymous said...

Q. "What did you git it fer?" A. FUN!

Mad Saint Jack said...

I shoot mostly .22s because I'm hoarding everything else. said...

A love my Erma 22, and my newly acquired Ruger SR22. I hafta sell my charger to finance my next purchase but, I love the SR22. I recently bought the heir to my throne (Lil Bobby, 13 y/o) a Marlin 880SS(blk/synt) and he loves that rifle. Shooting .22 is a blast and very inexpensive.