Monday, January 4, 2010


h/t Uncle for the link to this review...

Of the Kel Tec RFB

Kel Tec is known for decent inexpensive pistols and carbines. A little cheap-looking and mostly plastic.

And then they came up with the RFB, a bullpup major caliber rifle with some novel innovations, and now I don't know what to think of them. It's like they are pursuing a military contract.

I'd have to hold and use the RFB to properly judge fit and finish. A lot of the proof is in the trigger feel. Can't judge that via a 3rd party. But if those factors are good, what is Kel Tec doing making such a great rifle.

While shopping for my M1A I considered waiting for this model to check it out before deciding, but I just couldn't wait. Naturally the forward ejection of brass appealed to me, the left hander. I gotta hand it to Kel Tec, though. I think they deserve a bravo for this rifle.

(commercial disclosure: Kel Tec did not pay me for this review but if they sent me a free RFB I'd be happy to keep it and write another review of it that I am SURE would be glowing)


West, By God said...

I got to play with one at SHOT Show last year. The fit and finish seemed (on the ones they brought to SHOT at least) to be somewhat above their usual. It is the same plastic, however. For the asking price though, it damn well better be a good rifle.

Robert said...

I just wish they'd get production ramped up (and turn the foregrip into rails). -Rob