Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Snub

Welly welly well!

Frank from Corn Beans and Spent Brass is at Shot Show and adds ANOTHER option that might be acceptable to my snubbie-search

A polymer Smith with integral laser.

Now Ruger has a polymer revolver, the LCR, that I have handled. I didn’t like the feel of it compared to the Smiths I’ve fondled. Or I’d have mentioned it before.

A laser adds some cost to the price of the pistol, but I was half expecting to buy after market Crimson Trace laser grips with any regular snubbie purchase, so… it’s a wash. And I have tested it. The laser does work for a lefty like me.

The integral laser isn’t CT, but it isn’t some fly by night company either. Insight Technology That’s the thing about a laser… With after market laser grip you can swap them out for other grips if the laser breaks and you need it repaired. If you break an integral laser it might not be that simple. And in 20 years… will that laser work? Or will be an expensive and dated appendage? Since I’d use a laser for training at the range, and less so carrying it, I like the idea of swapping grips more.

So a polymer Smith and Wesson is an unknown element to seek out and try, at least. It suffers from flaws other lightweight Smiths have, there is a lot of aluminum in it too, and I prefer all steel. And the release is in a different place. Since the cylinder release was moved to cater to lefties like me why am I complaining? Because I don’t have a problem with the traditional latch location. My thumb finds it just fine where it is, and I have my left handed revolver reloading procedure down. It’s sound enough. I won’t be beating Jerry Miculek with it, but I’ll be fine. And having TWO revolvers with TWO different manual or arms isn’t good for consistent training, is it?

Oddly, as of Sunday the 24th, there were no links to the new polymer on Smith's website.


red said...

Taurus also has a poly snub nose coming out in .38spl +P. It looks beefier than the Ruger.

Old NFO said...

Re training- NO different releases is NOT good... That is why I've stayed with Colts... It's muscle memory at this point.