Thursday, January 7, 2010


Whenever a Terrist tries something on an airplane (including this last time) it more often than not turns out that the guy was a single young male flying on a long trip with a one-way ticket paid for with cash and sans luggage.

Then someone suggests that maybe we shouldn't let young guys fly that pay for one way tickets with cash and also lack a suitcase. It's a regulation you can put in place just like that.

Scolds then shout, "that will NEVER work! The Terrists will just buy a round trip and pack a bag!"

Yeah, they might do that. Still. What would it hurt to maybe take a second look at all youthful males buying one way plane tickets with cash and seem lacking in Samsonite products? Make it a universal rule for a while. Just to see.


Paladin said...

That's just crazy talk.

Much easier to make sure Grandmas don't sneak on the plane with nail clippers.

Newbius said...

You're doing it wrong... ;)

TSA doesn't really want anybody to actually BE safe, they just want everybody to FEEL safe. And, if flying requires a hospital "johnny" and paper slippers, then we can all FEEL safe together (while in the altogether).

What really irks me is that TSA has been reported to allow young men of Southwest-Asian heritage to scoff at the shoe removal while conversing loudly is a desert-based language, yet, requires said removal by the middle-aged business man next in line. It is almost as if they are trying to condition US into obeying them, just because they are GOV.

Maybe in preparation for the next zombie invasion??