Saturday, January 16, 2010

Parts Sold On Spec

So, while gunshopping, I notice a doohickey on the wall. It’s the tube cap for a Remington 1100. But it has a spot for attaching a sling swivel. One of the things my Remington Model 11 is missing is some way to attach a sling. Perfect remedy for my situation! If it fits. Note the differences in model numbering…

So I ask.

The question is kicked up to the gunsmith. He dunno. It might.

So, the gunstore says, “Tell you what, take it home and check it out on your shotgun. If it fits, come back and pay for it. If it doesn’t fit, just bring it back. It’s not like you’ll never come back to this gunstore. Plus I know your name and where you live because you’ve bought boomsticks here, so…”

Fair enough. What a nice way to treat their customers. (The implied semi-threat was made in jest and you could detect that nuance if you were there listening to it.) I DO like the way they treat me there, and the ascerbic wit of the staff that knows me, and that I can take ascerbic wit, it's a feature, not a bug.

Oh, and it doesn’t fit. Returning the part now. Ah well.

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stbaguley said...

That's the way it should be isn't it! (I've got the Uncle Mike's Doohicky (the correct technical term) on my 870 and it works great.)