Sunday, January 17, 2010

What about a Model 40

What about a Model 40 for my snubbie?

It's steel. (Lots of folks lived without stainless... I'd just get it Blue, not nickel or case color.)

It's got no trigger lock.

It's Centennial with that shrouded hammer.

It's classic, in the looks department.

It's not .357, but that might be ok... I was only planning to shoot .38 flavors for the most part.

Is that grip swap-out-able? That's not a grip safety is it? (Like a Lemon Squeezer) It's just an old style grip dingus to beef it up, right? Oh Gawd, it is a Lemon Squeezer. The descendant of the Safety Hammerless top break revolver from the 19th C. Some turn of the century advertisements showed 4 year old girls playing with the pistols. The firm trigger squeeze, hidden hammer, and firm grip safety supposedly were too much for a child's strength. I can't find the ad to show you, but if you showed it to a modern hoplophobe they'd faint dead away.

Anyway, nevermind on the 40.


George said...

You can pin the safety down, then use whatever grip you choose...
besides, it's a classic!

DAve said...

In the past month I've installed Hogue grips on my S&W "V"/Model 10, 1911, and hipoint 9.
And lemme tell ya, 'dem thangs is AWESOME!!!
Now I can't look at an S&W without them without remorse,realizing how much better they'd be with the better grips.
That's my experience and I highly suggest you try for yerself-

Anonymous said...

Grip safety
*Never mind*

Old NFO said...

It's a nice pistol! Period, end of subject... :-)

BobG said...

Nice snubbie. I have a Taurus 44 special snubbie that I quite like and have owned for several years now.