Saturday, January 2, 2010

Guns in DC

So, homicide in the city that anchors my major metropolitan area, Washington DC, are at the lowest levels since 1964. Yes, the 'Murder Capital of the World' that city of less than half a million that saw more than a murder a day in the 1980s is now almost pleasant in comparison.

After Christmas I heard of a player of our local basketball team, the Washington Wizards, got in trouble with the team and the league when it was discovered he had 2 unloaded pistols locked in a case in his locker.

[BTW: The recently dearly departed changed the team name to 'Wizards' from 'Bullets' in the early 90's. Musta been pressured by the Brady's back then during the height of their power. Trying to change the national culture, them. Bullets is too violent a name, dontcha know, especially for a city beset with gun crime.]

Anyway, I thought that outrageous, but understandable. Despite the Heller decision being ABOUT guns in the District of Columbia, the new gun laws that 'allows' firearms to once again legally exist in DC haven't really gelled. Yes, still haven't. And when they do gel they certainly will make no allowances for much carry of any sort of firearm outside the home except under specific rigid conditions. House to car, car to gun range outside the city, then back again. With no pitstops at a drive thru even to get a cup of coffee. Much less a pitstop at a place of business to conduct said business while the guns are safely store away. Even if that place of business is a professional sports arena. Even if you have a buncha political pull because you are a rich and famous athlete. So, worse than New York City, where rich and famous athletes only get in trouble if they have a Negligent Discharge. Little hope for regular folks.

So, outraged I was.

But apparently my deduction of the situation was in error and I hadn't heard the whole story...

It wasn't just an innocent storage of secured firearms issue. Apparently two players had WORDS. And those two may or may not have both pulled out a gat to continue said words, but at a higher level. And that circumstance has the team and the league a bit understandably upset. That's different. The story goes from victimized responsible party to 2 irresponsible parties being stupid and violating a whole host of laws. Laws in the District, but also laws that would be in place in Juno Alaska. Even gun friendly municipalities frown on the resolution of arguments over gambling debts via Mexican Standoff.

But, again, true facts seem to be pretty scarce on the ground about this incident. I look forward to more details getting divulge as time continues apace.

Of course, all upstanding gun owner all over the country condemn such improper gun handling as a matter of course. If the facts and motivations and sentiment known so far are true in this case, these 2 chuckleheads are not to be emulated. Sort of a Goofus example to some unseen Gallant. Gallant would be carrying in a legal venue and not drawing his hogleg over heated words.

[update: and a few hours after I wrote this post on Saturday I saw Uncle's link to it.]


Home on the Range said...

I spent most of the week here and was afraid to leave my hotel.

Like Chicago, if I can't carry I don't go out and spend my money. There's alwasy Room Service and Ramen.

Old NFO said...

@#%* idjits...