Monday, January 25, 2010


My buddy Frozen sent me this.

Despite possibilities that they have been UNDER-reporting on purpose to gun-deck the numbers and make them look better than they are, it looks like there is no avoiding it now. Britain is the most violent western country.

Does that mean you are safer driving through flyover country where all the cousin-humping bible-quoting redneck-Billhillies with NASCAR slurs painted on your imported car? Or safer venturing about some urban areas as long as your purpose is not indulge in the unlicensed pharmaceutical trade? Or stroll around the entirety of Cape Town, South Africa? Probably, YES! Better off doing that than to take your chances eating in a nice restaurant anywhere in London. You are safer walking around Baltimore or DC at night than attending a police convention at noon in the middle of nowhere, UK. There I said it. Some yob or chav will come up to you in that law-enforcement convention, cut you badly, take your wallet and cell phone, and the police officers all around won't want to get involved, either out of fear of getting hurt themselves or out of fear of transgressing the perpetrators rights and getting into legal trouble that way.

If you MUST visit Britain, try to do it as a guest of a non-hoplophobic subject. Like Mr. FMFT.


Turk Turon said...

There's a wonderful essay on violence in the UK vs. the US written by the BBC's US correspondent. It's called "America's Safety Catch"; Google can find it. He says, "It is a paradox. Along with the guns there is a tranquility and civility about American life of which most British people can only dream."

Elsewhere, I have read that Britain uses a different method for reporting murders. In the UK, it is only counted as a murder after there has been a conviction; until then it is only considered a "death by gunshot". Can't say that I've ever been able to find a source for this, though, so it might just be an internet legend. Of course, in the US it is a murder as soon as they find a dead body.

Yabusame said...

Welcome to the Socialist Monarchy of Little Britain :-(

I blame the criminal underclass (as described by Charles Booth in the 1880s) and poor government (a pandering welfare state, crippling taxes, and an errosion of civil liberties).

Yes, yes, I know the old adage 'we get the government we deserve' and you're probably right. I miss my handgun shooting range...

Travis Gosselin said...

I was in the UK when two pretty huge laws were passed. The knife ban and the indoor smoking ban. From what I recall, they were within a year of each other too. The indoor smoking ban was put into place a month before I left, fortunately, so I only had to get my ass soaked at the pub for a few weeks. The knife ban didn't really affect me, as I wasn't really skilled in knife-fighting. Neither were the chavs, though, but that didn't seem to stop them from using their little pinky sabers. I can't help but think that it saved my life, though. I got into a bit of a scruff with these turds behind the fish & chip shop, which was right across from the Co-Op; which was right behind my house; which was right in front of the Co-Op; which was right in front of the fish & chip shop; which is right in front of where I got my ass beat by at least twelve of these little gremlins. Don't give them an inch! A little one came up to me and my friend Kenny and asked for a smoke. We turned him down. No harsh words. Just, "No." They were expensive and we didn't have many. He disappeared around the corner and just as we finished our smokes, WHAM! A dozen of these shits come out of the woodwork. No cops. No cameras. Nothing. Anywho, I carried a sock full of change from that point on. Fortunately, I never had to use it, though I would've liked to on the guy that nailed me right under the eye.