Friday, January 22, 2010

Snubby Breakdown

(or is it spelled 'snubbie'?)

My choices and thoughts on snubbie selection? Let get them all in one place. Oh, and if you are thinking of getting a snubbie for yourself and need resources to think on it, checkout the Snub Nose Files.

Ruger SP101

Pros: It definitely meets my 'robust and steel' requirement
Cons: I've never liked the grip feel or trigger feel on Rugers
Quibbles: The hammer isn't shrouded like S&W Centennials. It is bobbed. It's good for not snagging, but some grit might get in the works easier with this model


Night Guard types by Smith and Wesson

Pros: I like the sights. And YOWZA .44 magnum out of this has got to sting. I'd get .357 or .38 and shoot .38 out of one I'd buy, naturally, I just wanted to picture a .44.
Cons: Exposed unbobbed hammer isn'ty ideal. Scandium construction, is also not good
Quibbles: I like the grip, but I can get that grip with any Smith


S&W 640

Pros: The leading contender.
Cons: It's just not available. And it has that GOTDIM frame-trigger lock
Quibbles: none. it IS the leading contender... If it didn't have the trigger lock and happened to be in the case at any of the local gunstores I'd have it already. Even with the lock it is nigh adequate out of the box.


S&W 40
Pros: No trigger lock
Cons: Grip safety.
Quibbles: Not stainless, but I can get over this. A commenter menitoned the possibility of pinning the safety down and getting any old grip style I wanted. That's a thought if I can work out the cost and feasibility to my advantage. .38 +P only


S&W 642
Pros: No trigger lock!
Cons: It's aluminum.
Quibbles: I'd probably want a different grip, but that is doable. And it is only .38 +P


Chiappa Rhino

Pros: I just like that looks of that. Isn't it handsome? Plus the novel action where the barrel is placed at the bottom of the cylinder to keep it more in line with the shooters arms, thus less recoil.
Cons: It may be vaporwear (though I DID eventually find it in their PDF catalog on page 55 or 57, and also here by searching Chiappa Firearms Dayton) and when it will be available at your local Gun Mart is anyone's guess, but the closest dealer appears to be in Lorton Virginia. Maybe Winchester. That grip angle is WEIRD canting your hand way down. Who knows what the quality will be, it is an unknown factor, unlike Ruger or Smith. Who knows how the trigger will feel. It's got that little nubbin on the hammer to snag on stuff.
Quibbles: This thing has me under it's spell. If it was in the display case tomorrow, I'd put the money down right there and wait the 5 weeks before I'd be allowed to pick it up. (I week waiting period plus one gun a month.)
Update: More stuff on it from SHOT show, here.


Hey, didja notice that ALL the grip types are different? And there is still one more all wood smooth grip on the Smiths I like, similar in shape to the rubber grip on the 640. The model 60 would replace the Night Guard on my list with similar Pros and Cons. There is also the different shaped Crimson Trace grips.

And, FRESH S&W meat. I bet my gunstore gets some of these in. (h/t Ahab and commenter.)


Bob said...

Just checked the S&W website, and they show the Model 40 as being available in nickel as well as blued; not as good as stainless, but more rust-resistant than a blued gun.

George said...

Many good choices! I've carried a .38 Special for years (when the 1911 was inconvenient), first a S&W Model 60, now a 442 electroless nickel, about 14 years. Snubbies are always a trade off, weight/bulk/caliber. Go for the biggest caliber you can conceal, comfortably. My heart says .44 Special, but it's not always practical. And scandium is well, painful to shoot. AND, one can put .357 in the Ruger. I know, I've been of no help. Sorry.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Caleb had a post with new S&Ws.

There is a 640 with night sights on it (and a real rear sight) that looks interesting.

Velcro8ball said...

I have one each of the Smiths you cited and all are in rotation for my concelled carry. I use the 642 in light weight pants to print less, I use the 640 and the M-40 in heavier fabric pants. My only suggestion is be sure to find a good holster for your style of carry. I have two coming from Mika and several leather. I have used the Uncle Mikes synthetics and while functional just don't seem right.


Pop N Fresh said...

love my sp101 but i put some hogue wood grips on it. It completely changes the feel. The wolf spring kit will help quite a but with that 13lb trigger but you can still feel the handoff in DA. I shoot plenty of 357 and 38 handloads and it's built like a tank. The modular design makes detail stripping this thing easy as can be and easy to clean.

Unknown said...

I actually liked the trigger on the SP101 I tried at Caleba's. Felt nicer than the S&W we looked at, and was WAYYY nicer than the Taurus .22LR revolver we tried.

That said, the LCR had the nicest trigger of those we tried.