Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Because of the hygiene-product name that 299,999,997 Americans latched onto withing 40 seconds of the product announcement/release, and due to the lack of innovative features other than "look, an iPod/iPhone with a bigger screen!" I predict, now, the iPad will join the ranks of Edsel, New Coke, and Irwin Mainway Brand Toys and Novelties as an iconic example of epic product failure.


Borepatch said...

Can you think of an Apple product where there's been this much of a "Meh" letdown factor, so soon after the launch?

This is astonishing marketing and design fail, and damages the brand. Maybe they're taking the Microsoft route: version 1.0 sucks, version 2.0 is "meh", version 3.0 is usable.

Can't be good to be compared to Microsoft's approach ...

JP said...

Epic failure indeed, unless it was intended to gain hits for bloggers, then its a pretty decent success.

My tiny amount of hits doubled because of my Apply maxIpad post.

Rob said...

I hope you've seen this one, since it probably set off those 299,999,997 Americans: