Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gunnie Vs. Gunny

Just so there is no confusion

This is a Gunnie:

This is a Gunny:



Though sometimes you can be both:

(Not to take anything away from Ermey, but he did leave the Marine Corps a Staff Sergeant. Had to have been a badass Staff Sgt to be a Drill Instructor and combat veteran... He was made an official honorary Gunnery Sergeant by the Marine Corps a bit after his retirement. If that's good enough for the USMC it's good enough for me.)


Old NFO said...

Main thing? ALL of them can shoot!!! :-)

Nancy R. said...

Must wear reading glasses more often. I thought that said "combat vegetarian" at first, and I sure I heard the hoofbeats of the four horsemen of the apocalypse approaching.

Steve in CA said...

It's no secret, he talked about the honorary "gunnie" tag on Mail Call. It's a great name for a great man.

Boat Guy said...

'Course your first "Gunny" is actually a Master Gunnery Sergeant, usually referred to/addressed as ('long as you're senior or contemporary to) "Master Guns" in my experience.
Lee Ermey's a good example of a Drill Instructor but he certainly isn't the only "badass Staff Sergeant"; my senior Drill Instructor was a SSgt, three-tour (Nam, sorry for the presumption) Grunt (Infantry) who was definitely a BADASS. My other DI's were both Sergeants.
Gotta wonder about Lee Ermey's use of the "cup 'n saucer" handgun technique ... great American though...

aepilot_jim said...

Love it!