Thursday, November 3, 2011


50% of the zombie movies have been made since 9/11/01

Is that because we in America see the Islamist Terrists as an unstoppable horde?  I don't know about that.  There was more worry about a horde Asian Communists in the late 60s, what with the war in Indochina and the CHICOM human wave tactics in the Korean War still in the collective memory.  Now THEY knew how to do Hordes.

Zombies as mindless consumers got their day in the Media portrayal of the Reagan era when consumption took such a spotlight in the economic calculations.

No, I think zombie got the resurgence for other reasons.  A few clever send ups in entertainment, with items like Max Brooks' offerings and the Resident Evil franchise building on the earlier Romero offerings getting the ball rolling..


Bubblehead Les. said...

Tech Upgrade, I think. Easier to apply Make-Up, don't have to spend as much on the Extra's (imagine what it would cost to have a Zombie DeNiro), and Green Screen work. Plus FPS Games exploding across the Web.

Aaron said...

I agree with BL above.

In addition, since 9/11 depiction of Islamist Terrorists as bad guys is on the Hollywood taboo list. Wouldn't want to get Americans riled up now would we, so we need a bad guy that we can all be against.

After all, there is no Council on American Zombie Relations.

Clint said...

1) More people making more movies.

2) Zombies are the last "politically Correct" bad guy.

Boat Guy said...

Um, 'cause there are more zombies among us?
c.f. 2008 election and "Occupy"