Friday, November 18, 2011

Still Running Low

On blog fodder. 

How bout this...  A buddy asks, "Are Stoeger semi-auto shotguns any good?"

My answer?  "I have no idea.  I've seen the name before.  But that's the extent of my knowledge."

So, are they Hi-Point shotties, or do they edge Mossbergs in quality? 


TFSDude said...

I like their side-by-sides, but have never shot their semis.

Ritchie said...

I think Stoeger was more of an importer/distributor than a manufacturer.

JD Rush said...

I thought they were Turkish Benelli clones. They use Benelli's inertial drive system, and are listed on Benelli's website. The shadowy parts of my brain thinks there could be some parts interchange, but that could just be choke tubes and stocks. Never fired one.

Daniel E. Watters said...

Beretta owns the Stoeger label, and has been applying it to Turkish made firearms. The Stoeger firearms are based on designs developed by Beretta and its many subsidiaries: Benelli, Franchi, et al.

Tam said...

What Daniel E. Watters said.

I have no personal experience with the weapons themselves, but the basic Benelli design is certainly sound.

(Funny Aside: In its race against FN to be the world's firearms giant, Beretta has snapped up so many other firearms manufacturers that my gunsmith pals back at CCA had taken to calling them "Überetta".)

Angus McThag said...

"Überetta? But we're Italians... [SOB! CRY!]