Monday, November 28, 2011

Shooter at Denny's

Apparently a customer at a Denny's didn't want to see what happened after the armed robbers got the cash out of the til.  Maybe they didn't want to leave any witnesses, who knows?

I don't know if I approve that 'chasing after them into the parking lot, firing as he went' thing.  That shouldn't be the instinct, and I think it is asking for trouble, but I wasn't there.  And neither was the reporter, so who knows what really happened.  Plus there is all the adrenalin going on when you exchange shots and the whole, "How DARE they try to rob my neighborhood restaurant.  How DARE they shoot back at me trying to enjoy my Grand Slam brefass at 6AM."  So I can understand the impulse, if the details are accurate, but can sit in my chair here, calm, and think of maybe a more perfect way to handle it all.

I do know that if CCW comes to Maryland, I shouldn't trust the authorities to treat the customer in this situation as well as the authorities in Texas probably will for this kind of situation, so that colors my judgement.

Right choice or not, the bad guys in this scenario did a poor job of victim selection and had a good scare to maybe make them reflect on their career choice.


Marty said...

The coffee at that Denny's must be awesome.

Paladin said...

Aside from shooting at the get away car, based on the info in the story I'd have probably done the same thing. I like to think my accuracy would have been better - but over all I don't have a problem with the customer engaging the robbers. I can't imagine a scenario where shooting at the vehicle as they flee is acceptable.

This isn't a "defense of property" or "defense of third party" issue for me. If someone walks into an public place brandishing a gun to rob the place and I have a clear/safe shot - I'll shoot them until they are no longer a threat.

I'm not a cop. I don't want to be a super hero. I want to go home to my family at the end of the day. By doing what they did, the robbers wave the right to warning shots, "drop the gun" warnings, or any other such nonsense.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

We are of the same mind, Paladin. Bad guys with guns get shot at. Bad guys running away and no longer a threat do not. That is generally the watchword.

Of course, they may have still been a threat for all we know.

Robert Fowler said...

Maybe the customer got in a couple good shots and they will find the bodies in a day or two. One could hope.

45er said...

Get you some conceal carry, then get yourself some Castle Doctrine so you don't have to worry if the police had a bad day or think you shouldn't defend yourself.