Thursday, November 24, 2011


This story is making the rounds, but I first saw it here.  Or was it here? Guy offs himself carrying a Glock in his waistband.  Saving money on a holster leads to a bad end result.

I've encouraged many people to try, or take back up, pistol shooting, and some then go on to purchase a firearm and ask me for input on what to spend their chunk of change on.  The first thing I tell someone is to buy a gun safe.  Something that holds one of 2 pistols if that's all they are looking to get.  Especially if there are kids on the house.  These little locking metal boxes aren't proof against burglars or even completely childproof, but it IS a layer of protection.  A barrier from quick access from idle hands.

I have, even before the Negligent Discharge linked to above, been also recommending folks get a holster.  Preferably a decent one, but at least something.   They inform me that this is Maryland and they never intend to CCW anyway.  I tell them to get a holster anyway.  Store the gun in the holster when you store it in the locking case.  You never know when you might need to tote a pistol, even without a CCW, and that need might be time sensitive, precluding getting out to the holster store to buy one right then.  And with the trigger guard covered in your gun safe your won't have a ND in there reaching for it that time you don't unload it.

I think I will emphasize the gunsafe AND holster purchase now and in the future.  Every pistol of mine is loaded in the safe.  Everyone but one is in a holster, too, or a seperate gun rug and unloaded.  The two exceptions is the 686 revolver which lives alone in it's own gun safe with not holster, and the 640 snubbie that lives in just a holster in my pocket when I am home.  No kids in my house, either, or more precautions would be made for the 640 while I sleep.


45er said...

Big safe and bed-side gun vault. You have to keep curious hands of all ages off of them. Also, if you have a gun, surely you shoot it, right? When shooting it, you need a place to securely store it, whether you CCW or not. If you're not shooting it, you're not prepared. Why do you have it, again?

Bubblehead Les. said...

That's why I like paddle holsters. In case of emergency, it doesn't matter what size my belt is, nor do I have to take the time to thread it into whatever pants I'm wearing. And, yes, I do have the Fugly From DragonLeatherworks, but when I'm wearing that, I'm not in a hurry.

CryingBulldog said...

WTF guys. I taught my kids how I was taught.... Is the gun in the cabinet? Then its unloaded and don't go in there without me. Ammo? You don't worry about that. Kids being kids they see its in separate locked drawer that has a hidden key. Kids, don't ever go in the cabinet without me or mom there. AND NEVER, EVER put ammo near the gun when in the house. EVER. Oh, and young 'un?

You don't touch a fx@#@ gun in my (you pick) or you find anywhere else in the house... EVER! Seriously Dude... EVER!!!! It might kill you. If it doesn't, I will know you picked it up, and you WILL get the beating of your life. It will be so severe, I'll more than likely go to jail for it. I mean a beating that if you don't die from it, you'll still be telling your grand kids about it 60 years from now.

My wife was the "safety advocate". Gun safe, trigger locks, locked closet. A burglar was safer coming into my house than the guy's next door who golfed and at least had a long lever handy. Then, my 12 year old got to my 1911 in the safe. Got the ammo from the locked box in the garage. Somehow memorized the combo AND found the key to the safe and closet. She said I should "de-gun" our family. Told her that when I was 11, took a "commemorative" .22 from the bottom of my dad's nightstand and assuming all guns were unloaded, blasted the piss out of the night lamp on mom's night stand. And told her what happened next....

Back to the 12 year old. He got a simple, memorable, loving ASS KICKING. As memorable as mine was 30 years before. Now the 1911 is in the night stand. With one chambered. He's 22 now and has passed on the safety tips to all his brothers and sisters. We've never had another infraction... and I'd know. One of mom's hairs wrapped through the (you pick).

Oh, how far we've come as a nation. 50 years ago gun safety wasn't an issue. Didn't train your kids, then dead kids. You a stupid kid? Then you're either a dead kid or one all the other parents can point to to show what happens when you don't have respect for things that can kill you. Never a sniffle for the parents of said dead/maimed kid. Stupid hurts... plain & simple. But I guess us 21st century "modern" Americans are beyond that.

Windy Wilson said...

Store the gun in the holster when you store it in the locking case.

Good point. I will do that asap.

Crying Bulldog, what would your wife have done had your son cut himself with a knife from the kitchen? De-knife the place? If I were married and had to "de-gun the place", the wife would not have found so much as a nail file in the house the next time sonny cut himself on a knife. Her rule, her result. Don't like the result, well, let's get some weapon phobia therapy. And SHE MUST ATTEND. No waivers, no excuses.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

One thing... don't store a wet gun in your wet holster in your safe without some drying and oiling. Or you might get a rude surprise. DAMHINT.