Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blogshoot at Berkely

Don't RUN Hippies!  This is an M1A.  I'm not the best shot with a rifle, but I'm good enough.  You'll only die tired!  With a .308, when you get hit, you tend to fall down.  And lie still.

Ok. It's not the World's Most Dangerous Game.  And it's Berkely Springs West Virginia, not California .  I'm gonna try to make it out there with MBtGE to a blog shoot on the 3rd.  It's only about an hour or so from MBtGE's house, so...  Easy Peasy.  I'm thinking I'll bring the Appleseed 10/22 to it.

Update:  I probably shouldn't joke about shooting hippies, since they tried to come off the endangered species list with the #OWS thing and all.  But, like releasing the first group of endangered marmots into the wild, only to see a few hawks swoop down and carry off Stinky and Mister Fluffers, (the respective matriarch and patriarchs of the group), and then the remainder set upon each other in a lethal battle of dominance to fill the power vacuum, even the optimistic handlers faces fell in despair at the futility of their charges survival skills in the real world.  They're just not able to make it in the real world, and it is someting to be pitied rather that guffawed at in Schadenfreude.  What they thought was a Woodstock was more an Altamont.

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