Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Not Just Women

Men might have easier fashion options for holstered CCW of a real gun than women, but that doesn't mean it's simple-easy.

Finding a way to carry a full size pistol, especially in warm climes, concealed has always been an issue.  August carry for men still is t-shirt, hawaiian shirt cover garment, and cargo-type shorts with a belt.

But the other question that vexes is weapon choice.  What is the lowest profile full size (in this case, meaning full size caliber, or at least that is what I am going with) gun that you can still shoot well?  Sure, there are now mini-9's out like KelTec and Kahr and that new Boburg thing.  But, from anecdotal reports, they are a bit hard to shoot well.  And if others are having issue with snappy recoil making second shots harder, I know I will.  They need more weight, methinks.   And weight consideration have never been a priority for me.

What about the Sig I own?  That's full size, at .40.  When I carry the Sig 229, it's is bulky in the IWB.  The grip bangs and hangs on wooden chairs and the like.  But it is better than the even larger service size pistols (or actual full size pistol, like you find in a Police holster or with the Military, niether of which worries about concealment.).  It was an attempt to solve the problem I, and others, have that didn't quite get there for summer carry fashion.  And the newer Sig grips are slightly skinnier, but not enough to write home about, it seems to me.

The same applies to other double stack pistols like Glock/XD/M&P in my situation, even thought they get a bit slimmer than the Sig.  I'm talking the compact sizes.  I shoulda mentioned that curtailed grip of the sub-compacts is a non-started in my evaluation for the same reason that the mini-9s are.  Though sub compact is a way to go.  Full size caliber, and a bit better than the mini's for shooting.

The closest I've come to solution, the compromise that answers nearly all conditions, is the Colt Commander.  Slightly shrunken length, full size caliber,  and with regular grips it's slim, with slim grips it's even slimmer.  Which is why I bought it, and them.

It's also why my fantasy gun is a plastic .40 single stack that could be as slim or slimmer than the venerable 1911.  Really, I only choose .40 in this fantasy because it allows more size reduction in the grip.  And begins with a .4x.  But that gun ain't been invented yet. 

No worries.  I guess I have found that single stack .40, and it has the added benefit of being a .45.  And a 1911.  And I already own it.

Time to transition to it.  The Commander.

[One other thing, had my fantasy single stack been invented and released last week... Do you know how long I'd have to wait for the holsters manufactureres to catch up?  At least with a 1911 choice there is a plethora of aftermarket support on the accessories.]


Newbius said...

T-Bolt, my EDC gun is an XDm45. Year round. Since I am pasty-pale-white, I don't hit the beach much though...

WV: "lumid", a bright, muggy day.

DarrenS said...

I've taken to the M&P 45 Compact as my daily carry piece year round. In a Crossbreed Supertuck, it almost hides well under a t-shirt. Hell, if I lost 40lbs, I'm sure I would have no trouble.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I was thinking about your XD when I wrote this Newbius. I've tried the same type of carry and can't pull it off like you can.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Kahr Arms has many Pistols that are slimmer, lighter, have the same or more capacity in Ammo as a 1911 Commander, and cost about the same as a Colt (or cheaper). Check the Specs, plus keep in mind that 1911 Safeties stick out farther than the Slide Width also. It has the Revolver-like Trigger that you yourself has said you shoot better. I like them, Zercool likes them, Weerd Beard likes them, plus there are plenty of Holster and Mag Pouches for them.

Having said all that, I'd still go with a Double Stack, just because I can carry more Ammo in the weapon, and I can carry more in my spare mags.

Even Tam has a Poly Double Stack nowadays. Think about it.

Newbius said...

Next time we meet, I will loan you the holster and gun to try.

My Astra (Sig 'clone') 45 does not hide as well in the DeSantis IWB as the XDm does in the Crossbreed, even though it is still very comfortable to wear. The right holster makes all the difference.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

When the Milt Sparks for the Commander comes I will be able to compare apples to apples with the SIG vs Colt.

Ritchie said...

The G20 has been stuck back in the locker in favor of the antique 1911, until I can make the G about as shootable as the C. Then, I'll have to crafty my own IWB for the G. Meanwhile, on the lookout for a light weight Commander in .38 Super. And unicorns. Always the damn unicorns.

WV: demsdu- get video.